Father Goose After School Music Workshop


To create a star-studded (special guest artist)music workshop with lots of fun and activities. A staple factor of his workshop is the student’s participation, everyone gets in on the act with lots of singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. At the end of the workshop we’ll have a jam session, a live performance that will have students involved with interactive sing-alongs. As seen at the Langston Hughes P.S. 233 Elementary School, Brooklyn N.Y.

We are diverse in all age, ethnicity, gender, religion and culture.

The Father Goose workshop features outstanding musicians that we are very proud of. Our group of excellent professionals comes from many diverse backgrounds with over 30 years of performing experience. As a team we will work together separately into groups. The F.G. workshop consist of a formal introduction to the individual band members with their musical instruments.

We pair the students into small groups to get a one on one attention with the musicians. The groups would then rotate so students could get an opportunity with each band member. By sharing songs plus exchanging ideas we are hoping to create substantial empowerment, economical and educational growth in countless communities.

“The world is a chorus line,
 let’s all sing and dance in harmony.”- Father Goose