Hey old man. What are you now? 26? 40? 60? Does Medium still exist? Lol. Is “Lol” even still a thing?

For a long time, we’ve done personal reflection on our birthday. This year, your 25 year old self decided to write. No biggie, just documentation. I felt it’d be interesting for you to pick this up years later and read. More importantly, it’ll be interesting to see how you’ve changed.

I spent a lot of money in our 25th year — compared to the previous anyway. The GTB account bled 22 million naira; and remember all the dollars lol. In case the value of that is lost on you, look at it this way… You were reckless, but you saved equally well. You travelled on a whim, but you made your first real successful investment on crypto. You were unafraid of going broke at 25, because you figured everything would sort itself out. I hope you’re looking at this now and smiling. This stayed true, right?

You did shitty with romantic relationships. Lol, I can tell you first hand; I’m the version of yourself living it. I have successfully stayed out of relationships for two years now. I (old you) have spent a lot of time writing about feelings and documenting emotional epiphanies. Only recently did it occur that I’ve been settling for the wrong things. I’ve set out to find romantic, non-committal partners, but ended up with friends. Even though that’s not terrible in itself, trying to make the kind of partners I want of these friends has been an expensive, emotionally draining venture.

I’ve just learnt it’s okay to express what I want from people — early. It’s okay for them not to want the same. What’s not okay is spending time and effort trying to prove that I can still be a friend. There’s no need to stick with situations that don’t work for me; there’s nothing to prove. Good to have that in writing.

Speaking of writing, you did a lot of that. Traveling too. Experiments. You learned to cook. Roll a blunt. Registered as a driver for Uber; took one trip. French lessons for a short period. Practiced swimming. Went on a diet. You ran a lot. The house warming exhibition.

Experiences. Bungee jumping (into the Nile) in Uganda. Magic city in Atlanta. Living by the dock in London. Ministry of Sound. The Jamaican club in LA. Peggy from Kenya. Eat Drink Lagos Lunch Clubs. Making out in a cab looking for pizza on New Year’s. Living out of Rose’s house in Chicago. Drinking banana beer with the Burundian in Kigali.

There was a lot; I hope this doesn’t make you feel sad.

I hope this reminds you of when you… started.

You were a better person this year. Asked questions a lot. Questions about your decisions, about your ideals, about how you treated people. You did a lot more family stuff —but there’s a lot of room for improvement. You were good to friends, and you made a ton of new great ones.

You worked a lot. You shined. You didn’t learn a lot of new things, but you learned to push things out. All those years of working under the radar paid off. Work has been amazing, and you’ve played your part. Now you need to learn; now you need to jump again.

Yeah, that’s it. You had a great year, Ope. Now, you need to jump again.

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