At the end you are all alone..No matter handful of people tell that they will be there through the thin and thick, you will have to face the life alone. You cannot agree with it?

Imagine the situation where you are dumped into an awful situation. You really wanna open your mind to someone. But you cannot talk about it to anyone actually. You tried giving clues to some people whom you thought would ask you that curing question : “What’s the matter?” But you didn’t receive that query. You opened the messaging apps and stared on the screen so long, hoping someone will message you. No way. Nothing happened. At the end you provoked some so that you can atleast fight and inform them your problem. Even that thought was a bullshit. Seriously it was not a success.

Come on!! No one cares about you. No one….If you wanna be happy, be happy. If you need to find solace, find it all by yourself. If you wanna complain, do it to yourself. If you wanna cry, cry on your own laps.

People think about their happiness, their lives, their success. They donot even remember the people who stood by their side when they achieve the goal.

If you wanna achieve something in life, do it all by yourself.

Do not ever depend too much on others..

Be happy with yourself.

Enjoy yourself.

Be happy alone.

It will make you happy forever and ever.

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