The very first post…what to write? ?….The usual question that pops up in the mind of every single “ baby writer” 😛.. Thoughts picked up the light year speed..That awesome moment of “16×” …oh no…may be “100×” pace in which our memory flows…right from the little naughty events of childhood, the play sessions, the first school day, cousins, the first friend in school (She is my best friend even now..😘😘), arts and sports fest, family meet ups, …millions of memories.

Everyone ends up with the same list. Then what’s special about it.right??..The very stupid things.. “Nostalgia”…So you wasted my time to remind me of all those silly things that happened till now in life😠…urggg…

Sorry sir …sorry madam..I didn’t intend to waste the precious time from your preprogrammed professional clock.. I forgot that you are running with time not to waste even a single minute that costs few rubbish bucks…Yes..I do call it stupid ..

I am not any frustrated unemployed who sits simply and teases all professionals around me. I am one among those who are being trained in professional colleges to be one among you in the very near future. Yes..i do aspire for a good job.But….I am afraid.

“ Why the hell are you afraid. …Come on.. This is just an amazing world.”

Ohh seriously?..

May be you are right..Well paid job, cool professional atmosphere, well behaved colleagues..Somewhere down the lane my mind also wishes for all these. .

But I get afraid when I see those people who run just behind their jobs..those people who work over time to get promoted or paid more. I get scared when they leave their family, friends and all the dearest memories to catch the mind blowing offers…..I worry about me reaching a state where I FORGET TO LIVE ….😐…

You do need a job. You need a decent job. But it should never be the reason for you not to live life…

The dollars that reaches your account, the promotion letter, the success of your project team…..and lot more professional achievements may bring happiness for the time being..Ya..We all do celebrate lavishly on all such occasions.. long does it last??…One week? One month? One year? Or may be till you get fired for any mistakes?.

One more flash back please..😉….How many of you still remember the marks you scored for your first mid term examination in fifth grade? …or in eighth grade? …Am I mad, right?..😂.. You don’t remember it..Neither do I…

Okay…who all remembers your class trip in fifth grade? Who all remembers the song you sang or the dance you performed or a speech you delivered in your sixth grade? “ Hmm…ya..I still remember it.”..Me too .. Those memories do float in my mind like a crystal clear river….It gives me lot of happiness. .

But…do you think those marks were unnecessary? Never. They were important. All those lessons our teachers taught us paved the way for what we have achieved tilll now knowingly or unknowingly . Ya…it helped us to create our “ professional life” .

But…life is not all about professionalism. It’s about being in real existence too. Life is about having all those humane memories. Those memories which bring a smile on our face even after years and years and years. Of course our marks can’t bring that smile..But, our memories can..the time we spent with friends, parents, siblings, cousins and all those lovely people can….The small and big travels we made can…Each single performance we did can….Even the faded photographs of the past can bring a teary smile on our face..Because those minutes which cannot be priced completes LIFE..

Hey friend , didn’t you smile now?.. 😁.. Didn’t you finish a small yet eventful journey to your life till now?..The baby phase, kid phase, “Now I am a grown up” teenager phase😂 ,cool school boy/ girl phase, the college star phase..lots and lots of memories …And here you are in the youth stage. All ready to take up the country to your shoulders . That decision do need an applause 👏. Because our country needs youth who are hardworking and brilliant.

But…don’t forget to live..

Do get a cool job… Do provide love and happiness to your parents too..

Do earn a lot…Do gift your siblings with gifts and your “presence” whenever possible. .

Do buy that dream luxurious car…Do take your family for trips in it.

Do feel happy on the increment that you receive..Get your school or college friends to celebrate with you…Cherish all those funny, stupid things you all did together.

Do complete your works at time …Do travel to all those lands you dreamt to visit. .

Feel proud to be introduced as the promising professional of tomorrow in a company function..Try not to miss any family get togethers for which you waited desperately during your childhood..

Feel proud when your project gets approval…Do feel the unparallel happiness when your parents pat on the shoulder for the food you cooked for them even if it’s actually bad..😜…

Congrats on your promotion … Feel the essence of life when you laugh with your cousins for the comedy film you watched for a thousand times since your childhood.…

All moments will be gone down to the memory lanes. But once refreshed some memories become more brighter…Those are the energising factors that emotionally provide strength to face all challenges in life.

Life moments are like precious shells that comes to shore occasionally. If you couldn’t catch it at the right time, it’s lost forever. Only regrets remain..

Dear youth (including me actually..😉 ),

Do live to live life…So, you will have lots of smile on your face when the last black hair also turns white....😜😊..