To my dear friend,

What is friendship? Seems like an introduction in the old high school essay books.....This question is mainly to the "90s kids" out there. You all might be wondering what the serious relation between Friendship and 90s kids is..

Anyway I have a special relation to reveal. 90s kids were born at a time when technology didn't take over India in a serious level. They had that last awesome childhood period of playing with real friends on real play grounds. They are the generation who witnessed the acquaintance of technology in our lives. They are the generation who got the oppurtunity to taste the new dish called "social networks" when they reached teenage or just before that..They are the generation who enjoys to spend worthy amount of time in the vast sea of Internet. So, they clearly know the "different friends".

Different friends...Categorisation of friends? Sounds weird, right? Well wait and watch.

Let's all Go back to our school days ... Those evenings we never spare without a single game of cricket or badminton or football may be. Atleast we all used to run around our houses with dozens of friends from neighbourhood. We discussed about the new cricket cards we got, the new cartoon in readers digest and dozens of other small talks. 
Then we grew up little more. Most of us had cycles. Roaming all around in a cycle became our one and only aim 
In life.

We used to watch all those amazing cricket matches without fail. Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, Anil kumble, Sehwag, Laxman and many more awesome legends playing together in the field and in our minds even now . The best part was, when we were called out each time to come out and play, we never had a hesitation.

Yaa... we never "had"...

But..We hesitate right now.

We hesitate not because we forgot to play or because we are bad at games. Somewhere down there we really wanna go out and play.

But actually ,what causes the reluctance to go out with our childhood friends?
Now comes the next set of friends whom I mentioned at the beginning. .


Who are these people? In very simple words the friends Mark Zuckerberg found for us... ( PS: Salute to you for the amazing world of social networking you created )

Yup..virtual friends. Who are these people? Why do you need an explanation? We all live among them. We are one among them. It's a wonder for our older generations to know about these "non real" friends. 
As our simple excuse goes :" Your generation Is not used to this".

But..actually how did we become used to it? The special theory that everyone roars to the world :"Family relations doesn't provide enough happiness. So children find happiness in Virtual friends". It's a blunder in my opinion.

" Virtual friendship has caged our generation. So family relations have started to weaken". This is the truth.

We find it difficult to raise our heads bent over mobile phones. We even need a social networking platform to talk to our siblings in the next room. What a pity! Feel shame on ourselves. Not because we make friends with people in a social networking site. It's anyhow for networking. But.. don't live for it alone.

Live your life. Open your eyes. Look around. Feel the beauty. Learn true life.

And friends .... 
Those people who want us to smile ...Those people who inspire us in life. 
Those people who love us and call us friends ...They will remain with us forever even if no social networking exists .. We 90s kids can really make it out easily. .

All that matters is the mark people left in our hearts, the inspirations that changed our lives and made us move forward , and lots of love they 
still keep in their hearts.
 Love you my friends..

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