A story of a business student sharing the floor with night creatures

2014 was the year when I had to leave the small town I grew up in to join a business school in Marrakech ( Morocco). It’s not only my parents that I had to leave but all my old plans and childhood ambitions. In my high school, we don’t have economics as a discipline so I never got to know what it can be useful for. Just when I passed the admission assessment that I seriously started thinking about it.

So now it’s time to find a place to live in, I tried to get in a student campus for security matters but it didn’t work because it was or ‘supposed to be’ for poor excellent students. Just like most of my colleagues, I had to rent a room in a place near the school. The house owner seemed to be a nice woman ‘at first’. There were also 2 girls from the same school who lived downstairs.

Coming from a small town, I didn’t know much about life in a big city. My parents, my teachers and our neighbors were all a conservative people. It was the environment from where I got my values, my principles and a naïve personality, which didn’t help me that much to adapt with the new situation.

A few months later, the house owner rent a room in my floor to a girl from Tangier, she said she was working in a hotel. Then, I started seeing a behavior I was not able to explain. She was bringing with her 5 more girls every time she came back home. They listen to a loud popular music, they smoke and they laugh and talk loudly. I didn’t complain because I didn’t want to get into troubles with such strange and scary people. When my classmate told me that they were professional prostitutes, I was not able to sleep for so many days, I lock the door and keep the light on and think about different scenarios. I was scared and ashamed to end up living with people that my society rejects. I can’t deny that they were nice to me though, and that’s why I started getting along with them. They invited me once for dinner, I was not supposed to accept but I was curious to know more about their lives. They laughed a lot and they were using big words and insulting each other and other people all the time. They talked to me about their traditions in a small town near Tangier, their families and their regrets. Their biggest regret was education; Education would change their lives they said, so they kept insisting on me to study hard and find a respectful job for myself.

Nothing changed, they go out at midnight and come back drunk at 5 or 6, I could clearly hear their steps and voices every time they come back. Before going out they ask to use my mirror, their makeup and clothes discussed me so I was like “yeah, come in and see how ugly you look”, I felt pity for them though, no one would accept to live that way.

I don’t remember exactly, but the girl and her friends suddenly disappeared. One day on my way to the school. A scary man stopped me and asked about her, I said that I’m not her friend and it has been a while that I didn’t see her. He then threatened me, gave me his number and asked me to call him once she is home. He said that she stole his money and that she will pay a very high price. Yeah! It can always get worse. I begged him to let me go , I told him how a miserable student I am and that I’m not looking for troubles, she would kill me if she finds out that I’m collaborating with him. He felt pity for me and let me go.

Who was supposed to protect me? The house owner? No, wrong answer! The house owner was an evil woman. She and her husband were fighting all the time. They were shouting and shouting and shouting every night, He beats her and she keeps shouting and their children are crying. That house was a curse. She once took the girls (who are studying in my school) to a bar of her friend. They dressed up, put their makeup, she left the children for the husband and told him that they are going to attend her cousin’s wedding. They were so proud to tell me about the party the next day.

Then who is supposed to protect a student? I was so lucky to have a room for my own but I saw more than 6 students living in one. Who is responsible to keep for the student his dignity? Very poor students can be easy to influence seeing those creatures making easy money. This is just an example but there are so many people out there who would use students’ vulnerability with a cold blood.

A student should actually learn how to protect him/herself, the world is a nasty place and sooner or later he/she will have to get that. He/she should also know that those people are just some economic agents, one of the invisible hands that help moving the economy forward, SO it’s up to them to choose how they would like to contribute to the economy.