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Jan 10 · 3 min read

One question I seen Travelers asks everyday is for cheap Hotel Booking, people require reliable, cheap and quick hotel booking website. I have now been traveling for past 10 years and I used quite a bit for these websites, so I’ll provide you with a tip which website to use.

Here are the our experiences with some best and most trusted Twain Harte Hotels Engines. — Yatra isn’t for people with slow internet connections because website takes lot of time to load. Utilize it only if you should be American or India planning to USA or India because then only you’ll get good deals. Don’t fall because of their coupons because they work like 2 times out of 10 — Nice and quick, it’s huge listing of budget hotels, you are able to filter results according to your budget so you don’t have to appear through pages for 2 star hotel or 2 star hotel, you can just filter the result, gives complete information on hotel including nearby travel site. But What I like the most about this website is eleventh hour booking and easy cancellation.

Makemytrip — Again same thing pretty slow website takes hell of a time to book a hotel, sometimes their booking engine stops employed in between and you have to start over again.

Travelocity — Travelocity is good website its not too slow and has huge amounts of hotels but problem is that mostly are of US cities and few major world cities, budget hotels does not appears in the list. — Over 57,000 hotels worldwide but very expansive, they charge bundle to cancellation and have very few cheap hotels listed. — Most disgusting website, they often don’t even confirm booking via email, have to book at the very least 7 days in advance.

I have written our experiences of using all these Twain Harte Hotels. Everything you think of this have you used some of these websites. Please share your views in comments.

Obtaining a cheap ticket is a skill that can be acquired by doing thorough research and following some simple tips. Flights for long haul flights and many other popular destinations could be very costly. However, they can be reduced significantly by availing promotional offers by different travel portals, including hotel deals. Lots of research has been done and published regarding seat reservation and methods to secure the lowest priced deal on it. This is a listing of the most popular ones that always work.

With the introduction of new technologies and new modes of transportation, the entire world has changed into a worldwide village. Now, going from country to a different takes just a couple of hours. Today, the natural and man-made wonders located all across the world may be explored without giving a second thought. Travelling across countries in addition to continents is as easy as booking a trip ticket.

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