Learning with Amal

The journey at Amal was an amazing journey. I still remember the day Sir Hasham cam to UET to tell about Amal. I literally joined to learn skills to know how to get job. I did not had the slightest idea that it would have an effect on my personality too.
The way of learning is quite unique and effective. There are many lessons learned at Amal but the most important lesson I learned is “to focus on learning from every event in life”. This is quite amazing. I never focused on the learning part. I never asked myself that question that “why did this happen to me? What is there for my learning”. I was frustrated every time an activity happened in class and Ma’am Bushra or Sir Awais would ask “What did you learn from it?”. I mean I could not understand how that small activity could teach anyone and I could never figure it out. But it sounded interesting when we were told about that lesson and I am like “Wah yar hr cheez main koi na koi lesson hota” :D
At Amal, every activity was based on “What specifically you learned from it?”. It pretty incorporated in me a habit of see what is there for me to learn in every situation. May Allah help me to make this habit my strength (ameen) :)

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