Stimulating the growth factors in society

Being a part of this society, each one of us is responsible to help in it’s growth. We become too self-centered with the passage of time that we almost forget that life is a game and we all are team players. We need to work for the betterment of our society. All of us can see that something is wrong, things aren’t going as they should be going in every field of life. We feel bad about it but we do nothing.

The above quote is so provoking. So my group fellows and I decided to take some action when we got this project to work for a social cause. We decided to work on the following things: Environmental development, Community mobilization and Intellectual growth. But how are we going to execute this idea?

Well, let’s address them one by one.

1- For environmental development, we are going to plant some trees. There is patch that we have Identified and there are no trees in it’s surrounding, so we will plant some trees. We know that one tree can provide oxygen to 10 people and it has many other benefits as well.

2-For community mobilization, we will conduct a camp at an orphanage where we will educate them about personal hygiene and health+exercise. We will be carrying some material for demonstration that how junk food is unhealthy and dangerous for health. We will plan some fun activities and ice-breakers to engage them. In addition to this, we will take an oath for them that each one of them shall pass this information to two-three more people to keep the chain going and spread awareness.

3- For playing our part in the intellectual growth of society, we will conduct a book drive. We will donate all these books to the library of a small school, where students can read and take benefit from them.

As far as the timeline is concerned, we will create an event in Facebook for the book drive, next week and invite people to donate the books at a cafeteria where we will collect them. And the rest of the two tasks we will perform later, in the further next week.

We will be six people, Mohsin will manage funds collection and bring the material that is required for the community mobilization camp. Amina and I will manage the preparation of material for demonstration. Ali will be responsible for the printing and slide preparation stuff. Ehtesham-ul-Hassan and M. Ahtesham will be responsible for buying the plants/seeds. The rest of the work will be done altogether by us.

Let’s hope to execute this plan successfully. Cheers!

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