Struggling with Negativity

I have struggled a lot with negative thoughts, emotions, and depression through out of my life, and I guess it is the part of our lives. It depends on the gap between one problem to another that how we are going to respond each problem. Sometimes, we take it as challenge, and sometimes, we got fade up. Shawn Anchor is right that we are living in a society where the formula of success and happiness is broken. Positive attitude is very important to get a peaceful and successful life, but making sure that success is not measured in terms of money but the level of satisfaction in life. Feeling grateful by counting all the blessings which we have instead of complaining about what we didn’t get; trying to understand each other’s problems and thinking broadly about a situation; doing some energetic exercises which you think can heal you over depression and sadness; and doing something great for others and in return getting good wishes from them are the most greatest ways to get rid of negative thoughts and being positive in life. These are the tips suggested by Shawn and I have personal experience with it. It helps us to be more positive and joyful in life.