Through Art and Activism

Me/We Narrative

My name is Fatima Al-Ahmad I am a 20 year old activist who hopes to be a filmmaker. I come from Tarik Jdide which happens to be a small city inside of Beirut Lebanon which mainly consists of Sunni muslim. Now after living in that area my entire life i realized how much sectarianism my country has and how much problems our country faces because of all the hate that is present between the sunnis the shias, and later on discovered the hate that happens between the muslim and the christians, the homosexuals and the heterosexuals and many more different groups. I happen to be a very emotional person, and i used those emotions to want to change the way things go around me and therefore i started posting my ideas on facebook, later on twitter, and instagram, and even at a later stage snapchat. Social media gave me the platform to actually express my opinions. Moreover i also use instagram as a portfolio of my art and photography, and youtube and vimeo to share my films. Migration, especially that from syria has affected my country a lot. A lot of syrians have Fled from Syria to seek safety in Lebanon, but little did they know that Lebanon treated them even worse. A lot of syrians live in very small tents with no money for them to eat, with no privacy, with no income, and with a lot of racism that's targeted towards them.

I always felt that i had a chameleon soul, because i never felt that there is a group or a community that i belonged to, i stopped believing in god when i was 10, so the sunni and the muslim community never appealed to me. I couldnt find myself in the communities my family belonged to, but later on i got introduced to the term intersectional feminist, and that led me to belong to something, which wasn't necessarily feminism it was the idea of how everything is correlated and once you change something a lot of change come a long. I joined an NGO called Kafa which had to do with violence against women, later on with Helm with had to do with the LGBTQ community and also NASAWIYA which is a leftist feminist group. So at first i thought that it was these groups that i belonged to but later did i realize that it was actually the queer and feminist community. I happen to be queer and they where too, and we all have faced oppression in our lives and we all wanted to change the world. Conventional Media has been so bad to my community because it always showed the queer community as sick, and showed feminists as man haters. Which put us a step back because it made the older generation those who mainly watch the news more that the young people against us. However a lot of social media platforms allowed people to share things that are true and real which help us build a better perception towards these groups. Migration has actually impacted my community a lot, because again, i believe in intersectional feminist so for us, the reason why people who are transgendered put in jail is the same reason why syrian refugees are in jail as well. Especially after 4 women got put in jail 2 of them where syrians who didn’t have legal documents and two transgender women as well, we late on led a protest which after tons of hard work they actually were put free. Migration has actually made our community stronger, and it made us more inclusive.

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