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Nothing surprising to me! I wrote and told everyone in these forums just what Trump is really all about! But those people who were stupid enough to vote for Trump…well, people..what you have to say now? Here is a person who does not know the meaning of the word honesty! He is a con artist who will use his office to further his agenda..punish all those who do not agree with him. In fact, have you not heard…Trump paid out 25 million dollars to everyone who went to Trump University and the State of New York for not being creditial was a rip-off! Now, for all those other businesses in which he ripped off investors hope he gets socked! This is the kind of person you waneted for President….a con artist…a liar, a thief, a racist whose intent is to start WWIII, a person who abuses his power to further his own pocketbook while blaming others for being the source of the problems, while in reality it is him and people like him! He is trying to overturn our Constitution and laws ! I can tell you honestly, before the first 2 years are up in his Presidency…people are going to be crying….I actually, imagine him and his family leaving USA to go live somewhere else…after he gets through with stealing American Peoples wealth…Good Bye America! Hello to the biggest proverty stricken country you ever will know in human history! We will become a 3rd World Country because of him!

But this is what you asked for…and this is what you going to get…Don’t cry now!

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