Towards a New Architecture

A new eco-friendly idea would change the lives of many by transforming useless containers into helpful shelters.

An LAU alumni student in architecture Mostafa Moussawi started first with the idea of sustainability in architecture and built his own office with an environmental motivation.”The idea of building houses from containers came from the urgent need for shelters in the Middle East.” Said Arch. Moussawi, “After the crisis we are facing in the region that is full of wars and refugees.” He added.

Moussawi’s main reason behind this plan is global warming and the raised awareness of people about being eco-friendly.” So instead of disposing useless 40’ metal containers, we turn them into houses, offices, and kiosks.” He revealed his full support with homeless people, and at the same time saving our planet which we are lacking nowadays.”Working in a grid modular to preform fast shelters for people in need, and to try as much as possible to save earth from the over use of regular building materials thus more carbon excretions.”Added Mostafa. According to L’Hedbo magazine, this idea may be very helpful in developing our country.”A solution ecological, economic, and fast at the same time when the country is suffering a major refugee crisis.”

A Container house saves time, and is eco-friendly. Hence, in an urgent area in need for shelters, prefabricated houses can be the solution, with of course a privilege of not harming nature. HRMIS was founded by Moussawi in 2013 as a design visualization company, in 2017 HRMIS started focusing and specializing in prefabricated houses whether shipping containers, or concrete prefabs. Moreover, there is a humanitarian aspect aside from the environmental one for this idea as it provides a dignified living stones. “Any humanitarian case is our inspiration. We are against systems that oblige people to starve for their basic shelter. As Shelter is from the 3 basic needs of a human to be able to prosper socially.”

Lebanese citizens have suffered a lot for the past years regarding their way of living. Their mental, economic, and political blind dependence made them unconsciously accept all types of corruption.” constant problems and conflicts in Lebanon made the Lebanese people urge to find solutions for any difficulty they may face. Also I think Lebanese people carry in their genes a social palimpsest due to the many civilizations that settled on the Lebanese ground.” Moussawi added.

Finally the main responsibility lies in the hands of fresh graduates as to their first professional goal should be changing our city, improving all its sectors as much as possible, flourishing its economy and developing our lifestyle to a better one.” Our project in the future is to try our best to raise social awareness about the importance of art.”He noted, “People then will appreciate their city, and they will try as much as possible to maintain it in its best form. Dreams usually, to be soul satisfying, they can’t be individual material obtains, but a social concern, and a group happiness. We dream of a city, a beautiful peaceful one.”

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