original photo, shot: 19/09/2021 || 10:23

The first time I tried Latte, I was in awe. The sweet, the bitter and the kick. I loved it. I couldn’t say it out loud of course.

But it imprinted on me. I was out, lunch with my favorite Nans. We chose a cosy little café in the heart…

let it be known that this particular cup is completely empty.

some days I journal with finesse, I refine my thoughts and attempt to sound very Ibn Qayyim [R]. today is one of those days, indulge me.

16.06.21 || 5:07pm

journal entry 160621846152890

the one who comes from the door…


if you are here, it is likely you stumbled upon my announcement on twitter. or instagram maybe? well, there’s nothing here yet.

but since you have taken a chance on me, let me attempt to make it worth your while.

after all,

i’ve been spending A LOT of time on clubhouse, alhamdulillah. time very well spent, alhamdulillah. there, i was fortunate to make acquaintance of sisters who, my friend and sister (and I feel very proud to be able to claim her) — J has tagged the “Jannah Squad”.

NOTE TO SELF: write about the Jannah squad, soon.

goals, no? alhamdulillah.

that is not where the story begins, but this is the inciting incident — the bit that set this endeavor* in motion.

*this is a commitment — to (and for) Allah, to (and for) myself, to (and for) my daughter and to (and for) my community.

this journey

— of self exploration,

— of attempting to live more intentionally,

— of filling this emptied-out jar,

— of pouring (some of it) in this space,

this journey is not a new story, it’s a continuation of the existing story — these chapters are simply written more boldly. they read with more cadence. they tell deeper truths and cut more deeply. because, i dare —

in the name of Allah, in the beginning, before whom there was nothing; in the end, after whom there is nothing; and by…

Fatimah M.

Learning, Exploring, Becoming 🌱🦋✨ Intentional Living, Pharma, Faith 📖

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