Finding a way of happiness through “Eat that Frog with Pomodoro”

It is always difficult to complete a task in one go. But Let us Thank God that we have this strategy named “Eat that Frog with Pomodoro”. This strategy helps you a lot in achieving the productivity and efficiency at the same time. You not only complete the task but feel inner satisfaction and contentment for achieving your goals and saving your precious time of life.

All you have to do is to complete your task in intervals by allotting some time to a specific task you want to perform. You can make three sections of your task and allot specific time for each section. After completing one section, take break, let’s say for food and come back and continue to second section and repeat the same procedure. By the end of total allotted time, you’ll see the difference. Difference will be there in the form of Saved-up time and reduced stress level.

Let me share my own story. I am the biggest procrastinator, i believe. But following this strategy actually helped me in achieving my goals and doing the work before time run up. While making the Waste minimization Report which was my university task, I used this strategy. When I ended up, I was done before time, I was not tired, I was relaxed for completing one task atleast and I was Happy. Happiness is all that counts!

So, if you, too, want to stay happy, follow this strategy “Eat that Fog with Pomodoro”. :)

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