Journey of becoming a Better Person

The first rule of becoming a good person is lower your expectations. Sometimes you just have to be there for the people without gaining anything in return. You have to listen their problems and provide the necessary support. You have to be interested in their lives instead of just blabbing your own problems. So, in short do not too much focus on being interesting rather put your emphasis on being interested because if we are just to behave like self obsessed lunatics we will not be able to gain any true friends in our lives.

It is not just about wining friends that you have to be interested but no matter in which field you are you can only become a successful person if you are interested in other people’s stories. If you want to be a writer than you cannot connect with your readers if your are not interested in their lives. If you are a magician you must love your audience.

It is important to be interested in people in such a way that even if someone call you on the telephone your “Hello” should express your excitement to hear from them.

I have come to know that when you a show a genuine interest in people you understand them more. By listening to their problems and coming with an appropriate solution will help you improve your problem solving ability. People appreciate you more when you show them that you care about them and they will enjoy your company. On the other hand if you only dominate the conservation by talking about yourself, for the time being, it is possible that you feel good but in the long run you wont be able to win genuine friends.

I would like to end this piece of writing with a famous quote

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”

Bernard M. Baruch

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