Emotions are a blockade to thoughts, it limits productivity, creativity and inhibits communication. You won’t do your best work, you won’t be able to think clearly, and you’ll always be misunderstood. Emotions are how we connect with people, but when we do not know how to use them, they are emotions are ineffective.

Emotions and Creativity

Art or any project should evoke emotion and not be a product of it. Whatever provokes feeling goes into the art. Creating art is a stream of consciousness. Art is an exploration of thought, a statement; it should be liberating and therapeutic. Emotions lead to procrastinating because you don’t feel like working or you will be drained because you work off of emotion. Don’t work when you feel like it. Work because you want to get it finished. Feelings go inside of the project, and they should be expressed and explored but not what guides you physically.

Emotions and Willpower

Letting emotion determine what you do is how you limit yourself. You won’t be able to think correctly or see other routes of getting things accomplished. You’ll procrastinate and eventually will give up. You may be a naturally determined person but once you let emotions dictate your success, determination leaves.

Emotions and Communication

Emotions, when not appropriately handled inhibit freedom and authenticity. I feel like I struggle to be myself because I am bounded down to my feelings. I want to break free, but instead, I am so frustrated. I feel like I am yelling underwater internally but externally I’m crying.

Take your life back. Stop letting emotions reign supreme. Emotions do not produce the best work. Emotions will keep you from being your personal best. So I urge you to no longer let Emotions hold you captive. Feel your feelings and move on. Be inspired by the result of thoughts and circumstances that were the root of your feelings and not the emotion itself. Use art to explore your ideas and how you felt. Don’t use creativity as an excuse to let emotions rule your life. Art is an outlet, and it is a way for you to be heard, don’t dilute the strength of your outlet because you choose to let emotions dictate your life.