The Incredible Meetup

I was lucky enough to get a seat for WordPress and JavaScript Meetup out of 100 of applicants. This Meetup was organized by WP Couple team and a Swiss guest speaker Ulrich Pogson was also there. And the one thing I can’t forget to mention is that this Meetup was arranged on 6th Jan,2018 at “Pizza Hut” rather than any scary seminar hall or conference room.

The meetup begun with an introduction of everyone present there. Majority were of the students from different universities and again here the students of UET were dominant as I could also see many of my CS batch fellows there.

And then Mr Ahmad Awais introduced himself which was absolutely jaw dropping for those who were attending his meetup for the first time ! It was really astonishing to know the gigantic network getting benefit from his work and codes. The blog will get beyond the limits if I’ll start mentioning his projects and the network , but google can do this for us. Or you can have idea by visiting his personal web.

And when it was Mam Maedah Batool’s turn the WP lady , it really made me to turn around from my seat to get a glance of her , as I had heard and read about her alot which always made me excited to meet her someday , and the day was here !

After the introduction , Mr Ahmad discussed the agenda of meetup which was based upon WordPress and JavaScript and their scope in upcoming years. He also threw light on ways to start learning WP & JS and maximizing career in it. At the end of the discussion Mr. Ahmad marked it on our hearts and minds that “JavaScript will be eating the World” due to its flexibility and extending functionality.

After which, everyone was having deep discussions on the table while “eating the pizza” . Whereas me and my fellows were honored to have company of Mam Maedah on our table. She shared her inspiring story with us that how she started the journey of WP by self learning and then giving training to others building up a competent team for her startup “Fink Tanks” and the struggles she had to face , that was really motivating. You can read her complete story which was published by heropress.

She asked us about our future goals and guided a lot giving them a new direction. Besides this she highlighted the importance of documentation and emphasized that “Whatever you do , you can make it worth only by documenting it” and that inspiration is one of the reasons for writing this blog.

I would like to end here presenting my sincere thanks to Mr. Ahmad Awais and Mam Maedah Batool , a truly amazing WP couple ! Thanks a lot to all the organizers for the meetup full of learning,fun and inspiration !