Welcome with open arms

The Antique Shop

The love some people have for antiques has always been mysterious to me, but now I know why.

The second my friend and I set foot in this shop, we entered a whole different world. We rummaged the store with the intention of finding a birthday gift. However, we completely lost track of ourselves because there was something extremely unique in looking at items that survived from the 90s, 80s, 70s and even 60s.

At first, I was all over the all place as I wanted to see each and every corner, but then a strange feeling came over me. I felt spirits roaming, I envisioned thousands of stories being narrated and I was struck by the powerful presence of the past. Long story short, my mind was filled with fiction and I was inspired to write.

Hawk-eyed binoculars

As I picked up the binoculars, i felt the heavenly touch of the leather barrels. “Does this thing even work?” I wondered. Curiosity led me to lift the binoculars up to my eyes and try them out. I rotated the focus wheel and it does work! I wish its original owner kept a diary of how it was used. Could have been a stalker in the old days or an adventurous lad who stole his dad’s binoculars to climb up a tree and zoom in on the far sea. The dream was to leave home and travel all around the world, but sometimes dreams do not come true.

old rusty car

Would you rather have this old rusty car or a Ferrari? I beg to differ. It felt like a car a farm owner would drive in his frayed bib overall, a soil stained long sleeved shirt and worn out boots while listening to classic music after a long day. I envy that farmer for leading a simple life surrounded by mother Earth and away from the materialistic contaminated world we are living in right now.

Symbolic broken buttons

It was my first time looking at a real typewriter. I had a flashback of when I was talking to foreign teachers during my internship and how they described their struggle with the typewriter at that time. “You are so lucky! You have the computer to type and you can edit your text. Back in the day, once you make a mistake, you have to write the page all over again!” I found it ironic how each one of us thought the other was the fortunate. I would have loved to swap places because the typewriter taught them a lesson by writing the whole page again, while our computers fixed them for us. The only way to truly learn from a mistake is to fix it by ourselves and not to wait for someone fix it for us.

As we left the shop, I reeked of the smell of dust and was overwhelmed with myriad thoughts. The past is just time gone by but it holds something special. Memories define it and give it a meaning and It is only when we look back and reminisce that we feel alive again. Which possessions you have do you think will turn vintage after 3 or 4 decades? Look around you and ponder.

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