Interesting challenge

How we influence others

I think that when someone really cares about you then he/she give you a best one advice.

How to make more friends? I think if we are interested in someone and want to talk with him it means that we want to make him good friend. When we make a lot of friends we have a lot of people who cares about you who know about you more than you. Having many friends means you are a friendly person. Friends gave you different advices about different things. They are always with you.

Family is the blessing of God in your life. Your teachers are also good advisors.

In this project I have to influence my friends, family or teachers that they tell me about their routines, plans for next weekend and what are their goals etc. So I started my project with this aim that I will improve my listening skill by asking some questions to my friends, family or teachers. Everyone have some stories, plans and desires about anything.

Firstly I ask to my younger brother that what he want to be in his life? And what is his goal for future? What is his plan for weekend? And he shared his point of view about his life. He said that I want to be an ideal person one of the best person who succeeds in every step of life who is passionate about their work and then I want to be a successful software engineer. Actually he wants to see himself as a successful engineer. Then he gave the second answer of my question. He said that he have a plan for next weekend with his friends that first he is going have to go for cricket match then they have a movie plan.

Secondly I ask to my best friend that what she want to do after graduation or completing her studies. She told me that she will apply for a bank jobs also apply in account departments of different companies. She told me about her aim that he wants to do job in ALFLAH bank. I ask her that what her weekend plans is? She said that she will study and prepare the quizzes of university.

Third and last person to whom I talked is also my friend she is my college friend and I always look her in happy or in smiley mode. So I chose him. And I ask him that what are you doing now days? She told me that my sister’s marriage is in December and I am too much busy in shopping, settings etc. and she said that I am coming to give you invitation card and you must have to come with your mama. And I said that ok I will come. Actually she is really very busy.

I guess that everyone is busy I his life. But everyone have a time for their love ones. That thing inspired me a lot. That in this busy life if I want to talk with someone they don’t give any lame excuses.

After reading the Chapter 1 : ”Do This And You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere” from how to Win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie and completing the interested challenge.

“Try honestly to see things from others point of view”

Dale Carnegie

And I apply this rule in my life. It’s a wonderful feeling to bring a smile on someone’s face. Its feeling like awesome when you become a reason of smile, happiness etc. So I learned that communicate with others more and more and try to understand others feelings.

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