Life, journals and summer vacations

Scattered pieces from my childhood

When I was in my last year of high school I started keeping a journal.
Every night I would sit for an hour or so and I would write how I spent my day and how I felt about it 
I stopped writing a few years after I finished school, I didn’t need it anymore and it became a burden, it was no longer a rewarding activity.

Sometimes I go through my old diary pages and relive certain moments again, I rediscover certain details that got lost with time, but they are so faded now they feel like an old dream.

My school days didn’t feel good to me, I was lost and confused and I was trying to figure out who I am, so I used to be depressed most of the time, and so were my diary pages.

Dark and twisted.

But it didn’t matter much, it was a piece of my lifetime that I don’t remember very well now, even though it was documented.

I still remember the years before it though. Clear and vivid, like an old video projection.

We used to travel a lot when I was a kid, we’d hit the road during every school vacation, any time of the year.
But my favorite times were summer vacation trips. 
My folks weren’t rich, so our trips would only take a couple of weeks or less.
Still it always felt longer.
My dad used to take the pictures with an old analogue Canon camera that I still keep to this day.

I remember how we used to wait for the pictures to develop and be brought back from the photography studio, we’d spend a long time recalling and reliving the moments, retelling the stories again and again and laughing at them, it was like we were trying to carve each story in our memories so we don’t ever lose it.

We used to go camping in the woods by the beach, we’d spend days and nights away from the city.

And there are some images I’m still holding on to to this day..

Deeply inhaling the smell of the fresh breezes of the ocean in the morning.

Fighting the bees that invaded the camp to reclaim honey.

Religiously listening to the sounds of far wild animals and believing the scary stories about how they attack people at night.

Having a crush on the boy who had a bicycle and taught me how to ride it in the woods.

Embracing the waves with wide open arms like greeting a loved one.

A lot of vivid images I’m holding on to so dearly, they’re maybe a few days of length but they felt like years to me.

I read somewhere that when you travel it makes your life seem longer.
And I totally agree with whoever said that! It’s true, because it adds a lot to who you are, you grow up in a very short period of time, it changes you forever.

Right now I’m stuck in a 9–5 job, I go on trips whenever I get a chance to, but I’m still yearning for more, I’m still thirsty to know new things, to discover my inner strength and my weaknesses. To reconnect with myself.

So if you ever have the opportunity to travel, do it, do not hesitate one second. Life is unpredictable and short.