Finish strong when the interviewer goes, “Any questions for me?”

Several days before my first interview I browsed through a lot of posts on Medium related to interviews. I captured that during the interview, it is all up to the technique you present and sell yourself, your confidence, the way you sit, body language, eye contact etc. Everything falls into place according to your personality and the way you control it. However, according to my first interview that was a great success, I found out that the last part of the interview plays a vital role. Usually, an interviewer will end the session with “Any questions for me”? (I referred to it as post-interview). Marc Cenedella wrote a great post that I read several times to fully understand and comprehend the questions.

So, what captures Mr. Conor’s attention during my interview with him was the post-interview. Here are the questions I asked him when he goes, “Any questions for me”?

To those that have not yet read my recent post, please do; “I am under-qualified, but I was hired”.

1. What are the key accomplishments for this role? How do I perform well?

2. What is the rhythm of work here? Is it consistent, crunch-days, night shifts?

3. What is the reward system? Is it bonus-based, star system, how about overtime payments?

4. How long do you take to make the decision for this position? Should I call you back?

5. How did you get start in this company? Why do you stay?

Despite the fact that I am underqualified, thus I need to show interest and curiosity in the job proposed. Among all the questions listed, I was mindful that Mr. Conor was contented with the 5th question. Believe it or not, it became a sharing session for about 20 minutes where he shared his stories how he started in the industry, when he was also a fresh graduate, what he went through for 20 years of working experience with Company X etc.

The trick is you have to have skills and techniques to capture the interviewers’ attention. We are all human beings. Prove something to the interviewer that you are different and it would be a lost if they don’t hire you. I hope you will get insights from this post. Give it a try during an interview session and share with me your experience. Drop me an e-mail.

Good Luck.

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