14 ideas for what to say when a job interviewer asks “any questions for me?”
Marc Cenedella

I came across this post 2 days before my first interview (I’m a fresh graduate). I went through each question and chose the best 5 (2,8,10,11,13) that I wanted to ask the interviewer when they go ‘Do you have any questions?’. So the interview was at 10am, it went so well as I browse through a lot of posts on medium regarding interviews. Surprisingly, unexpectedly…at 4pm on the same day as the interview, I got a phone call from the company, and got an offer. Among the 5 questions that I asked the interviewer, I caught that he gave a different facial expression (a good one) when I asked him question number 8. He was happy that I was interested to know why he love his job and stayed long with the company. My First interview and I got the job. Thank you so much dear writer for this post, it helped me a lot. Medium just got me a job #happykid

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