GKN Aerospace’s VP of Strategy, Civil Airframes and Rolls-Royce’s Head of Sustainability share their routes into aerospace, how startups can work with corporates, sustainability and more.

As part of our ‘Ada Lovelace Week’, where we’ve been celebrating women in aerospace and aviation, I got the opportunity to sit down with our Programme Lead at GKN Aerospace, Susan Schofield, VP of Strategy, Civil Airframes — and Rachael Everard, Head of Sustainability at Rolls-Royce (our latest programme partner).

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(l-r): GKN Aerospace’s Susan Schofield & Rolls-Royce’s Rachael Everard.

What’s your role within your organisation?

Susan Schofield (SS): I am currently the Vice President of Strategy within our Civil Airframe business division.

I took up the role on January 1 of this year and starting a new role during a global pandemic has certainly provided a unique platform for accelerated learning and development.

Rachael Everard (RE): I am Head of Sustainability at Rolls-Royce plc. …

The first theme for the ATI Boeing Accelerator’s second cohort

tl;dr — 🛫 Applications for the ATI Boeing Accelerator are now open. Applications close 4th October 2020. We’re looking for world-class startups at seed to series A stage that are building (software-focused) solutions to make aerospace more sustainable. Find out more, apply online or book an Office Hours call.

As you may have seen, we recently opened applications for the second cohort of the ATI Boeing Accelerator.

For our second programme, we’re looking for world-class sustainability startups building (software-focused) solutions that can be used to support the future of the aerospace industry.

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Before we continue, let’s quickly explain what I mean by ‘aerospace’. I’m talking about it in the sense of the design and manufacture of aeroplanes and the peripherals around that process; so planes, rather than spacecraft or satellites. …

Why I believe in Landscape.

tl;dr — I’m really excited to join Joe on the Landscape journey, building what we’re calling ‘Glassdoor for VC’. If you want to find out more or see our deck, drop me an email. Founders, please leave reviews and investors, please become a Verified Partner!

In the spring of 2017, 3(ish) years into my entrepreneurial journey with Chew I was probably at the lowest I’ve ever been*. …


Wil Benton

Venture & Ecosystem Director, ATI Boeing Accelerator & Head of Network, Landscape

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