Breaking barriers

tl;dr It’s been a busy few months. Chew is growing!

When we announced Chew’s (soon to be closed) crowdfunding campaign* mid-December last year, we shared some of the metrics we’d achieved over our first year. To recap, we had just over 18,000 users on the platform — users who’d created over 8,000 hours of content and consumed over 35,000 hours.

Just over three months later, we’ve made great progress.

We’re now at 22,000 users (+22% growth) and 14,000 hours of content created (+75%). 14,000 hours, if you’re into that kind of thing, equates to about 18 months’ worth of DJ sets, production time and much, much more.

But the most interesting metric — for me anyway — is our hours watched number. This weekend, during one of the 60-odd shows broadcast, we broke the 100,000 hours watched milestone.

Compared to where we were in our December metrics update, that’s an amazing 185% increase in time viewers are spending watching content on Chew. 100,000 hours is nearly eleven and a half years — 70% of which we watched in the last three months.

And, if that’s not enough, we also broke another pretty cool record this weekend. Over the four and a half hours that we broadcast with the Sosumi Records team in Miami, our audience posted 4,337 (at the time of publishing) chat messages.

That’s roughly sixteen messages a minute for 270 minutes. Non-stop. We’ll have reached 100,000 messages** shared on Chew by the end of this week.

So while the crowdfunding campaign* has taken slightly longer than anticipated to close, we and our users are making great progress at Chew. We’ll bring you guys more news in the coming weeks as Seedrs closes and we move into the next chapter of the Chew story.

(*More on this very soon)
(** We reached the 100,000 chat messages milestone on the evening of March 26th. 30% of all chat messages shared since launching chat on Chew in April 2015 were shared in March 2016).

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