“Come to Egypt gallery” VR project


this project is a part of Udacity VR Nano-degree ,I have made this project to increase my experience and to use all the techniques that i have been learned on the VR field , i made this project as a gallery to show the most cultural landmarks of my country Egypt to encourage more tourists to visit Egypt and to give a chance to people who can’t visit Egypt to show a part of it’s beauty and civilization .

It took 3 days to be fully completed .

Build by : Unity 2017.4.4 and GVR sdk v1.100.1


An amazing gallery scene with appropriate lights and atmosphere to help displaying the chosen topic and the user can navigate the scene freely , the scene is divided into five corners each corner is showing information about specific place in Egypt and the five places are (the temple of Luxur , Abu simble temple in Aswan , library of Alexandria , the great pyramids in Giza , wonderful beaches in Egypt ) as shown in the video below .


Download the apk and Enjoy ::https://www.4shared.com/mobile/Sm1vaUbcfi/run.html

The story is process

1-sketch the scene

I have built it in an easy , direct and forward way to avoid simulation sickness and make it a comfortable experience to the user .

the scene sketch
the actual scene

2-sketch the UI

UI sketch
the actual UI


Statement of purpose

“ come to Egypt gallery” is a mobile VR application for the people who want to know more about Egypt an d Egyptian beauty and civilization , it gives them some information and atmosphere to feel the Egyptian glory .

User Testing

I made user test on some parts of the project like :

Testing the scene

How do feel about the scene environment ?

  • she said “it’s amazing atmosphere , well done “.

How do you think about the objects size ?

  • she said “ i feel like i’m tiny”

Testing the UI

How to fell about the size of the text ? can you read it easily?

  • she said “it’s good i can understand the text “

Testing the movement

How do you feel about the movement ? Is it comfortable or getting you fell sick ?

  • she said “ Awesome , it’s very comfortable “

So..i made changes on scale and adjusted the scene to be more comfortable

Breakdown the final piece

the user can start his tour by clicking the Enjoy button.

then he can discover the seen freely

inside the scene


this project have been added a lot to my experience and gave me self confidence to keep going learning the VR technology and become more strong in this interesting field .

many considerations were too important to pay attention to like :

Lighting , UI , The distance between the user and the objects , Ergonomics , The angle of view , Scaling , Sound and the feedback from the users and iterations .

Future work

I am going to extend the scene with more Egyptian landmarks and make it more attractive .