A new slate

Since the new year started it was time for a new blank page, canvas or slate, depending on how you visualise it. As of this year I’m parting my way from that of WeTransfer. And before the next chapter starts, I’m reserving some time for in-depth, philosophical and mindful introspection.

Most of you will agree with me it’s a human tendency to be ‘on’ it in our current transmedial landscape. We’re always online, reachable and the best at multitasking. This ubiquitous state of living makes it fundamentally easy for us to develop and grow at an extremely fast pace. Looking back at the past five years I’m incredibly proud to be part of the fundamentals of a great company. My knowledge and experience broadened into many different disciplines, something start-ups tend to empower. The accelerated lifestyle gives opportunity to build new platforms, produce events, work on-the-go, travel 46 weeks a year and at the same time do my yoga, dance, meditation and nature wanders. It’s great to be super productive, efficient and creative. Above all the energy this way of life takes, is coming back in return of enjoyment and many perks. However, often these moments passed before I could even reach a state of pure pleasure.

By pausing and reflecting right now I intend to re-connect with what drives me and makes me go full steam in a certain environment, workplace or community. The main goal is to transform from being ‘on’ it to just ‘being’. It is of relevance for all of us to realise there’s a difference between Being (Yin) and Doing (Yang). In Yang it’s not always easy to capture the real moment. My journey will exist out of deconstructing, reconstructing and building me, my strengths, weaknesses and my motivation. For this will improve where improvement starts, the I. Sparing the details of this program with you but in case you are interested in any outcome of my introspection, feel free to reach out.

I wish you all the Here and Now.