Time was not passing 
it was turning in a circle 
I sit down and tell myself 
that I shouldn’t write about you 
but then I do 
you’re what my pen created 
and what my mind couldn’t erase 
we could have been an ocean 
a sky full of stars 
or a galaxy , maybe 
but we turned to be a hurricane 
causing pain to each others
my life wasn’t this empty before 
the night is darker 
and longer 
the sky lost some stars
the wind no longer brings your hypnotic smell 
I tasted pain in every corner of my body 
nothing is the same 
you were my finest piece ofmusic 
your symphony gave a life to the devil inside me 
your love was so pure that I worshipped day and night 
it made fall on my knees begging for more
I cried the seven seas when you left 
you made it seem too easy to walk away 
with an open vow 
and broken promise
all the teardrops spilled through my favourite pen 
in midnight blue ink 
I wrote our best poem lines which says
‘’ I told you , I love flowers
and you brought their heads to me ‘’
this was your answer whenever I asked for flowers
Flowers …
I am allergic to their smell anyway 
you grew on me like a tumor 
or this what we chose to call the thing we had 
love is a rage for us 
love is a room with no doors , no windows , one chair and a rope 
we were too afraid to get in this room 
but we managed to get over our fear
pretending that we can’t seperate 
that was a lie 
from a truthfull liar 
I never managed to forget about you 
you’re suffocating me
I am done with you 
or this the lie that I always told myself 
but I want to be done with you 
I need to 
I want to create millions of worlds without you 
I want to look in someone’s eyes without remembering 
that bright I see in yours

I can feel your breath on my face 
your hands exploring my body 
you made my skin crawls 
Tell me how did you heal your wounds and bruises ?
tell me 
tell me something about lost and grieve ?
just tell me 
I want our good and bad times
and all the times in between 
I want to find you again 
you’re everywhere 
but nowhere near me 
just like the sea finds the shore
I will find you ..

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