Me and You

Sometimes and only sometimes ,
I love ,
All at once , 
In the way our universe was born .
I get ravished by words ,
I write letters ,
Poems to you .
I try to seduce your lost soul ,
But it ends with me being trapped 
Lost and insecure .
I forgave the chaos inside me ,
I skimmed lyrics in favor of memory , 
I waited for you ,
But you said love is not be waited for. 
I forgot about you ,
But you said love does not wait. 
I wanted you to be approved from people around me , 
But you said love does not need approval,
Because love can be stolen in a blink of an eye . 
I looked through your eyes trying to find a color for love , 
But you said love has no color , love is blind .
I spent days next to my phone ,
But you said love is in my arms. 
I spent days thinking about you ,
And whenever people ask me what’s wrong , 
I say it’s love ,
But you said love does not think . 
I said your love is divine ,
But you said love needs no adjectives . 
I said love me always ,
But you said love is nowhere near peace .
I said you’re love , what love looks like ? , 
You said it’s the sense of victory you have ,
When you beat Zeuz,
And find your other half , 
It’s like everything you have ever lost , 
Come back to you ,
It’s when you forget about the sky , 
And you lose control of everything, 
In the midst of finding yourself. 
Oh , you were so deep ,
I loved you ,
And I loved Valentine’s day , 
Because I loved you .
I loved red roses ,
Because they ‘re the only things I never got from you. 
I loved long bus rides,
Because I always imagined you were next time .
I loved small talks , 
Because they are not small . 
I loved your social anixety, 
Your bipolarity ,
Your shaking hands,
Your trembling breath, 
Your deep thought provoking questions ,
Your whispers in the dark while the moon watched us , 
Your unspoken words during warm June nights , 
Your murderous looks , 
Your short tempered ,
Your nothingness.
I can write the biggest lines about you , 
But what’s the use ,
If they won’t be as complete as you . 
Years from now ,
I will be wrinkled old lady , 
I will look around , 
remember your childish face, 
and say ,
I love ,
only sometimes .

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