Luck? Tell me its luck again and I’ll do some serious damage!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a violent man; I’m like a giant gentle teddy bear all wrapped in fluffiness and smiles.


Some idiot just told me that I was lucky.

Quite frankly it made my blood boil. Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want my blood to boil; its not a pretty sight. Just ask the guy on the motorbike that almost ran down my daughter in a service station when she was ten.

I digress..

According to this idiot we are very lucky to be in a position to be able to work when we want, wherever we want. Not everyone gets that opportunity apparently.

My chin hit my chest as he explained how fortunate we were and how unfair it is.

I watched him give me the benefit of his “insight” and one thought hit me, “What a complete and utter fucking moron.”

I don’t swear that much in blogs so he must have been a “real un”.

Luck played zero part in it, Mr Moron.

We didn’t get into this position overnight. It didn’t just happen! We didn’t just walk into the casino of life and shove it all on seventeen black and walk out again with our pockets full of money and freedom.

It has taken seventeen long and stressful years to reach this position. Seventeen years where we have had our share of eighteen hour days, actually more than our share. Well in excess of our share. Seventeen years of trying something, messing it up and having to start again from zero. Seventeen years of heartache and upset. Seventeen years of putting EVERYTHING on the line: finances, emotions, sanity and our very souls. Seventeen years of waking up in the middle of night wondering if we could meet our payroll. Seventeen years of trying to keep one step ahead of the blood sucking banks (different rant…for another time). Seventeen years of accepting failure and taking each one on the chin and as an eduction process (no matter how hard that was).

It has taken two complete business failures and the most stressful business sale process ever to get to this position.

It has taken this journey to get to know what we really want.

Seventeen years ago when we started on this entrepreneurial journey we wanted to be Branson. We wanted a business Empire, offices, thousands of staff, limos and private jets. These days we’ve decided we don’t want those things.

Today our goal is freedom. Freedom from being tied to a business. In the old days we took a vacation and the phone never stopped ringing with issues, problems and a thousand and one other things. Money is purely a tool to provide that freedom and provide a means to measure progress.

The business we run is never going to become a powerhouse. We aren’t going to have thousands of staff. I doubt the number of people in our team will ever reach double figures. Our office is a coffee shop, our dining room and a cruise ship. Our empire is measured in terms of online assets. Books. Courses. Programs and Membership Sites. We aren’t going to be an eight-figure-per-year business. A nice comfortable seven figure turnover is the limit. And we just love it.

Even when we determined that this is what we actually wanted, it took work, and lots of it, to get to this position. It’s taken two full years of blood, sweat and tears. Two years of educating ourselves and ludicrous investments in how to run an on-line business. We are going through this eduction process again right now as we fully engage in social media…. believe it or not we managed to get where we are with zero self promotion or social media presence.

Of course Mister Moron still thinks it’s luck. That it’s not fair. That we’ve had an unfair advantage. That its happened overnight.

Yes, I suppose it is luck..

Luck that we have a work ethic. Luck that we are prepared to do things that others won’t. Luck that we are prepared to spend money investing in ourselves. Luck that we put ourselves out there day after day.

Yes, we are lucky.

Of course we are.

But tell me that again, Mister Moron, and I’ll smash your face in.

In a nice, gentle teddy bear way of course.


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