I renounced comfort ..

Having the guts to take a decision which could irrevocably alter my future.

I always hear about people quitting their jobs and pursuing their dreams, about people travelling the world, or starting their own business. I also hear about the couples who sold everything to travel and ended up broke. There is always two sides of any story; one is successful and promising, while the other is disappointing and disheartening. Social media nowadays tend to focus on the bright side or the successful part of the story. No one mentions how tiring, and challenging the process is, the sleepless nights, the failures, the shortcomings, the “What the hell am I doing?” phrase before achieving something. People focus more on the result rather than the process.

We all understand that part of growing up is taking decisions and bearing all the consequences that come after. But then you are met with risk, reward and criticism. Some people will support and embolden your choice, while other will try to discourage and intimidate it.

I realized that my soul yearn for something more than usual routine job.

I remember Abraham Maslow’s quote that says “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” So I decided to choose to step forward, to take the risk and embark on a new journey. The decision of quitting my two jobs, declining two job offers and leaving family and friends behind for the sake of going on a volunteering program for months abroad was not an easy one. In fact, it was one of hardest and challenging decisions I’ve ever made. I took the decision after realizing how unhappy and unsatisfied I was; after sleepless nights of thinking should I give up or keep going. I worked for more than 10 hours in two different jobs, only one day off, no time for myself and no time for social interactions. Everything back then revolved around work. Every day I used to ask myself the very same question that I can hardly find any answer for; “Is this the life I’ve always wanted?” I would spend countless hours contemplating about my life, career and travelling. I would wake up every day hoping it was Friday when it was only Sunday or hoping it was 6 pm when it was only 6 am or hoping I get sick so that I can take medical leave for a while or even to find any excuses to stay home. I found myself not getting enough sleep, not taking care of my body, feeling uninspired, complaining a lot, constantly overwhelmed with life, and spending too much time doing things I don’t like. Then I began to wonder “Is work supposed to make me feel like this?” and the answer was “HECK NO”

I’ve just always wanted to feel alive.

After graduation, I made a promise to myself; that I will stay diligent in achieving my goals. Only when I realized that I was drafting away from my goals and passions, I decided to quit. I decided to use my savings to satisfy my hunger for adventure and discovery, for giving back to the world, and for enriching my life with experiences. I renounced comfort, and nine-to-five traditional desk job in exchange of a thrilling work that I look forward to everyday.

“If you truly care about what you do and you work diligently at it, there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish.”

Now I know how to feels like to be in a place where you learn, grow, and make things happen. Trust me, amazing change happens when you decide to take control of your life. Everyone keeps saying do what you truly love and take action on your goals and dreams. This is true but words are easy; It’s always easier said than done. One lesson I learned is to have the courage to let go of things that no longer make you grow. This is probably the simplest yet the hardest thing in the world, but when you do, you would be proud of how far you have gone.

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