“all chances are equal” is and will always be a myth.

This is just a simple example how everyone is different and chances are never equal.

picture by PEXELS.com

I could start off with go deep into philosophical questions but I want to focus on one point: We are all diverse and that’s why we have different chances, opportunities or however you want to call your individual self-development.

I am different because I don’t like settling on the status quo. That’s why I don’t want to accept that things “are this way” and “done this way”. While not-accepting, I always respect individuals — not so hierarchies.

Who knows that part of me, will form his/her opinion about me. Thereafter he/she will decide how to “handle” me. I will never blame anyone for this — just because I myself won’t talk to people who are unsympathetic to me.

I could polish my external representation and try to hide that part of me. Maybe with not implying “systemic criticism” or just showing some bad ass motion design or the best graphic design I’ve ever made. (Maybe I actually do restrain myself when applying for an job at “Monsanto” ;) ). Best would be to brag with projects I just hold the microphone!

But: Nooo! That’s not how I am. And that’s why I don’t like throwing around with the awards I’ve won or the collaborations I had the chance to be part of. Also I try to avoid the selfie-function because I am not a good showman — I want to be known for my thoughts, opinions and creations — not for my boosted and filtered portrait.

Anyhow: If I present myself like I really am, I won’t get further than the trash-bin in some organizations. Maybe someone shows some pity and writes a “personal” rejection.

But that’s what it’s about for me: I want to be surrounded by people that accept me and want to know why I do things differently, as much as I want to know about their way. “Best Practice” and other mishmash is nothing I can take anymore: As if that would do more than just keeping the wheel spinning. There need to be more world-changer and not followers and flatterers.

And for my part as white, european, CIS-Male have got many privileges, that people with other backgrounds won’t have. If I would use my coincidentally provided advantages to keep up that Status Quo, I would just fill the world with even more evil.

If someone decides to repeat these bad patterns: Go ahead! But please don’t expect any soft-talk by me. ;)

I am different, like everyone else is.