This Was Klaus Nomi

Performance art.

I thought it was lofty bullshit until I did some. Then I thought it was lofty cool bullshit. But, still a little bullshitty around the edges. Some people credit Klaus Nomi, a weirdo from Germany (as if there is some other kind of artist there)with getting this ball rolling in the 70’s when he arrived on the NYC punk scene in constant character — some kind of ethereal space opera kraut who really defied description in a world where everyone was trying to defy it. Also he was a near perfect soprano and like this serious pastry chef. No lie’

And when he got AIDS, even though these people still loved him, they were scared like everyone else of the “gay cancer”. No one knew anything about it yet. We thought you could get it from shaking hands at one point. And so Klaus Nomi died alone in a hospital bed in NYC. There’s a lot more to know about Nomi and the documentary THE NOMI SONG is worth the download.

He was a revolutionary in performance art. You know, I couldn’t even write that with a straight face and I’m a performance artist. Well I was. I was a lot of things. Wait. I am. I am a performance artist. Just not right now.