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6 min readDec 2, 2021
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If you want to be successful in trading cryptocurrencies, you need to know the market well. Trading decisions must be made based on specific signals and not on a gut feeling. Therefore, these are crucial for a trader’s success.

How do you make crypto trading decisions?

What is the difference between successful and unsuccessful crypto investors? The answer is clear — successful investors trade profitably. However, take a closer look at the reasons. You will quickly realize that successful investors have better access to market information and the ability to turn it into profitable investment decisions.

Fatpigsignals uses different types of data sources to decide the best entry to invest in a crypto project. If you want to know which strategies Fatpigsignals is using and why crypto signals might be interesting for you, then this article fits you.

Fat Pig Signals is one of the first crypto signal providers in the world. Already for over four years.

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1. Why Should You Get Expert Trading Advice?

The internet is full of blogs and websites offering tips and techniques for crypto trading, so why pay for reports?

Fatpigsignals provides a detailed technical analysis of the market and then creates reports that they send via telegram. This helps you make trades based on expert suggestions.

Most recreational traders base their trades on emotion. Instead of digging into the market trends, it is easier to make decisions based solely on your gut. Unfortunately, this tends to result in bad trades. You may sell or buy early and miss out on extra profits or even end up with a loss. The cryptocurrency market remains open 24 hours a day. At any time, the value of various coins may shift up or down.

Basically, it would be best if you did not rely on anyone:

“Do your own research!”

However, Fatpigsignals will research for you, and with years of experience, you will always be up to date about the current market situation — significantly, you will save your time.

As mentioned before, the crypto market is open 24/7. While you are sleeping, Fatpigsignals will find the best opportunities for your maximum success. Fatpigsignals always publishes the signal results of the monthly trades on their website. They want to work 100% transparent!

Results of the last 3 Months:


2. Simplify Your Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy

The professional team of Fat Pig Signals sends you daily trading signals to streamline your approach to trading. They help you determine what coins to buy or sell.

The market includes over 2,000 coins. Keeping track of the latest market fluctuations requires hours of your time. You no longer need to attempt to analyze the market on your own. We provide the most effective trading suggestions. While there are no guarantees in crypto trading, we help you make better trades. Enjoy these advantages:

  • Save time and earn more
  • Receive professional advice
  • Stop missing trade opportunities
  • Get daily trading suggestions

3. Anyone can trade, but only a few are successful in the long term!

The Mission is to help you make a profit from your trades. To make profitable trades, you need to analyze a wealth of information. We know how complicated this process can be, especially for novice traders. When you start trading, you may spend hours looking at charts and graphs. After reviewing this information, you begin making your first trades.

Unfortunately, analyzing data for a few hours does not offer the insight needed to detect upward and downward trends. Without detailed research, you are more likely to lose money on your trades. After a few unsuccessful trades, beginners tend to start trading based on emotion. You may panic when the value of a currency suddenly drops or rises and sell or buy early.

These fluctuations are where traders tend to make most of their profits. To predict these fluctuations, you need to examine the past, which requires technical analysis. The analysis involves graphs and charts to look at the value of a coin over a specific period. To detect statistical trends for short-term trading, you need to use a suitable timeframe. You may need to look at trends over hours, days, weeks, or months.

Technical analysis also involves historical research. When analyzing the market, we have to consider how coins have performed in the past and how quickly the price of a coin corrects after a significant shift up or down.

Fat Pig Signals creates crypto trading suggestions based on careful research using the steps discussed. You can count on our skilled traders to make the most accurate predictions.

As with predicting the weather, you cannot be right 100% of the time. However, our proven systems help increase the odds in your favor.

Stop making your trades based on emotion. Use our expert trading signals to determine when it’s the right time to buy or sell.

Boost your gains and spend less time staring at charts. Allow them to handle the hard work while you benefit from their hours of research and detailed technical analysis!


Currently, there are over 64,000 real people in the Official free Fat Pig Signals Telegram group, where they receive crypto updates and insights into the self-programmed algorithm. This algo has been back-tested the last few years and suggests entry and selling points. If you want to follow these points live, then Fatpig offers you the opportunity to stay up to date via telegram and their Livestream, including good music on Twitch!

4. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in a Single Basket

Diversifying your portfolio helps you manage risk. If you only invest in one currency, your profits remain connected to its performance.

When the value goes in the wrong direction, you risk losing everything.
When trading cryptocurrencies, you need to remember that the market is very volatile. A coin that trades high today may experience a major dip tomorrow.

Through our daily reports, you continue to receive trading suggestions, making it easier to start diversifying your trading portfolio.

FAT PIG SIGNALS offers you a portfolio builder every two weeks for coin opportunities. This portfolio builder is based on two weekly purchases in the crypto market to benefit from dollar-cost-averaging. Every two weeks, they analyze which coins might outperform bitcoin more and thereby adjusts the percentages of crypto purchases of the coins on a bi-weekly basis. New projects will be added, and those that are currently not performing well will be temporarily removed.

If you want to know more about it, a partner of Fatpigsignals, Lukas Wiesflecker, has already written an article about how you can benefit from this portfolio builder!

5. Regular Market Updates

Keeping track of the market on your own is never easy. There are many moving parts and thousands of coins to monitor. Besides reading graphs and candlestick charts, you need to pay attention to the news, the economy, and any other developments in the world of crypto. You receive regular market updates through their daily reports, Twitch live streams, Telegram Private group, and Facebook group. Stay informed and receive expert picks to improve your odds of making a profit.


In general, be careful of fake accounts and scammers, especially regarding Fatpigsignals and the whole crypto market. Please make sure only to visit fatpigsignals.com only as this is the actual homepage!

Trading signals alone are not enough to trade profitably. Therefore, it is more than recommended to become a trading expert yourself to deal intensively with the matter. It is important to weigh risks and possible profits against each other to make an informed decision. Fatpigsignals cannot make the actual buying decisions.

So it is not surprising that Fatpigsignals does not accept everyone in the VIP Group. It would help if you also have the necessary knowledge, trading experience and be familiar with risk management.

For more information visit the homepage LINKED below:

PHISHING WARNING: Please make sure you visit the following official sites linked here in the article.

Check the website https://www.fatpigsignals.com and there is only one official group — fatpigsignals!




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