Day 6 — Simultaneous Ubergasm

I worked late at the office yesterday and got caught in a brutal Friday rush hour surge. Fortunately, one of my coworkers was headed my way and gave me a ride about half way to home and dropped me off at my Parent’s house. During the ride my wife was blowing me up about dinner plans so I suggested we try UberEats for the first time.

So while I was on the Uber app trying to coordinate my driver’s arrival with my arrival at my parent’s, my wife was using my login on UberEats to order food for delivery to our house. I imagine this is how Air Traffic Controllers live their lives and I felt a surge of adrenaline as I toggled back and forth between both apps and watched the little Ubercars make their way around the map and eventually converge on my house. Double Uber Delivery, baby! What a time to be alive! The only way this could’ve gone any better is if both drivers got there at the same time and high-fived each other at my doorstep and then we all had a group hug.

UberEats — 5 Stars. They took only 30 minutes, remembered to bring the extra yogurt sauce, and didn’t have an exorbitant markup for delivery (I’m looking at you DoorDash!)

Luis — 5 stars. He made my day when he showed up in a giant GMC Yukon with leather seats, since i had two big bags. I don’t know how he affords to fill the gas tank on that behemoth when my ride costs $3.32, but that’s for Uber’s accounting dept to figure out.

Mom — 5 stars. She packed a couple fresh baked muffins for me in the 2 minutes I was waiting for Luis to arrive and didn’t give me the Amandeep’s Mom Treatment)

(Bob, why are you putting yourself through this? Why don’t you just buy a car? Read the Fat Uber Daddy Mission Statement here)

(I’m late to this party, where can I see what happened the previous days? Go here)