Day 3 — FatUberDadEats (Trademark Pending)

Today I figured out how to turn a UberPool Driver into a UberEats Driver. My wife made a huge dinner last night and we hada ton of leftovers that I needed to take to the office, but I had an early morning appointment in San Mateo that I couldn’t walk into with a bag full of Tupperware. I’m fortunate in that my wife is an excellent cook (check out her healthy cooking blog) and I often have meals to take to the office, so this is just one more bag I gotta fit into my Uber rides (more on this in future posts).

I solved the problem by sending an UberPool to my house and having my wife walk the leftovers out to my unsuspecting Uber driver with the mission of delivering lunch to me. He seemed genuinely happy when I walked downstairs to my office’s parking lot to greet him and take the lunch. He’s getting 5 stars because he gave my lunch the front seat and made the other Pool passenger sit in the back.

Congratulations Ru, you can say you were the first Driver to execute the first FatUberDadEats (Trademark Pending) delivery.

Post Game Economic Analysis: It cost me $6.60 to have my lunch brought to the office by Ru. A foot long at Subway will cost you more than that these days. It’s no contest if you opt for the chips and drink.