Introducing Fatum

Gambling it is a part of our spirit, part of our soul and part of what makes us human beings. We all dare to dream, to risk and to seek the greatest of rewards. We all have one eye to the future and can see the promise of more. Yet the gambling experiences we have, online and in real life, often fall short of our dreams and leave us feeling empty inside. There lingers within us a feeling that the gambling experience isn’t everything it could be, and that unscrupulous actors have subverted it to their own advantage.

How many times have you wondered if that random event was truly random? How many times in a row can the same number land on a roulette wheel before you know something is wrong? As a gambler today there are simply too many occasions when something just doesn’t feel right and your gut begins to suspect. For peace of mind there needs to be a way of demonstrating that gambling is provably fair in order to separate bad luck from bad actors.

Then And Now

Although gambling was practiced by the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks, the earliest recorded evidence of the activity can be traced to China in 2,300 BC. We can be certain then that gambling as a pastime arose independently in many different civilisations around the world. Through the centuries gambling travelled and grew with us and eventually settled into the modern forms we enjoy today such as the ever popular Texas hold’em. Now these games of chance are played in a multitude of of online casinos from every corner of our planet.

So where does gambling go from here? It is clear that the rise of online gambling has created issues all of its own. Trust is a primary example. Computer systems are only as good as their programmers and it is the casinos who pay them. For this reason a system in which trust becomes unnecessary, in which every punter can check the inner workings of the machine is what is required. With blockchain technology it is now possible to record the random numbers on an immutable (unalterable) ledger and to make that ledger available to all after the game. This is just one of the advantages of Fatum.

Give Me Fatum

With Fatum punters can check the random numbers after the game and ensure that nothing was tampered with during the course of events. Fatum will make itself open to a series of checks, balances and in depth analysis beyond anything ever attempted. It will become the most fair and transparent gambling platform ever conceived. Fatum will open the bonnet to their gaming and allow all to peer inside. With Fatum there is nothing to hide, and everything to share. That is our strength.

What’s more, Fatum favours nothing other than the dice roll of the gods. Centralised gambling sites are vulnerable not only the the administration, but to the players and hackers. The fact that everything is held centrally is a huge security risk to all involved. Fatum has a guiding principle to believe in; hackers and cheats have no place in out games. We will never tolerate them and blockchain technology will prevent them gaining a foothold.

And Beyond

We love the online gambling world, it is in our spirit and our soul, but we have created Fatum as a place beyond simple games of chance. The Fatum experience will host a range of competitive games, each with their own reward. Fatum players will have the choice of games of skill, games of chance and a blend of the two. Fatum will create its ecosystem powered by its own class of token, the RNG. This will help to facilitate super fast payments on low fees, meaning more of your winnings will reach your wallet and faster too.

Fatum is a platform created for dreamers, for the bold of heart and for the risk takers in us all. It is time we had a platform that matched our ambitions. Fatum is that platform. It is that ideal.