The Kale — Sukumawiki Nursery at home in Marsabit

As a family we have always grown a garden! Even when the entire area is dry you can walk around the garden and pick fruits on the ground! Our backyard has never been empty it is always a buzz with life, from green veges to fresh fruits 🍉 🍎 🍌🌽🍓🍠🍅🍒! We don’t pick all and have to leave some for the birds !

We all have our fruit trees 🌳 we have nurtured until it grows bigger than you! I loved gardening because it was inculcated in me and my siblings from a very young age! I have cried when my orange tree that I took care of for years turned to be lemon 🍋 and my brothers had oranges 🍊! Sometimes teasing me to eat my own 🍋! Then there was a walk to Shamba Guddho! 8km one way carrying qitta on your back and water! 5am you hit the road and be there by 6am latest 7am. My dad will walk ahead and mum follows behind then the little ones all in a line!

My hands were tiny and the legs can barely walk but we all had to do it as a family! The walk was fabulous and the ashama (greetings for those returning from the farm) as u come back in the evening all dirty! Smelling of the earth! My Baba passed on in 2016 my Allah sw grant him Janatul Firdous but the culture was passed down from one generation to then next!

Now I have two kids and I have been asking myself how best to pass on the family traditions! So that they enjoy farming and gardening! And yes we found a way….get them to do their own small garden and plant 🌱 and see the seed grow! We did the little tiny garden in August over the holidays and then the earth cracked open with lovely 🌱. It’s an amazing feeling and what a way to connect with kids. They ran to pick a panga and ran back to pick water then some sticks for the nursery……then the questions it looks like a stone….n black…. the never ending questions???? But you don’t know how great the feeling and taste is when you just get up from your comfort walk in the garden and pick your fresh fruits and veges! It always tastes differently from ones that have come from so far away on trucks. It so sweet …..Definitely more sweeter than the rest and for sure no pesticides used it an all organic farm! Just like everything I do in life passion is my driver! The feeling of being relaxed and the smell of the earth after the rains! That is priceless!

Just like the tiny little garden PEACE ✌️ needs nurturing! Especially inner PEACE ✌️

My kids asked

“Can this small seed be something???

and yes now it’s ready for transplanting!!!! I can hear the excitement and the little tiny hands clapping with joy! Do your small bit today and together let us…….