That’s exactly the group we need on board here.
Dannielle Withall

Hi Dannielle,

Firstly, my response to this wasn’t angry. I’m in no way angry at all about Trudeau and what he has done. I think it’s awesome. In fact, I AGREE WITH YOU.

“That’s exactly the group we need on board here”

My statement was that it’s VERY important for politicians to do this, regardless of their gender identity or ancestry or any other representation.

I made my statement in response to the original piece to emphasise my agreement that we should not be excited that a white heterosexual male made the statement but that a politician, someone of influence elected to represent a greater body of people, has acknowledged the issues of sexism.

Your post implies you are arguing with straw man conceptions of my words, without actually paying attention to what I’ve written, as a way to attack feminism and make it look like feminism is problematic. Which is weird because Trudeau is a feminist. So I don’t exactly understand what you are trying to achieve.

Secondly, I said nothing to imply that politicians were dirty. How you got that from what I wrote baffles me. In fact, your response makes me think you didn’t really read what I wrote in context with the section of the article I highlighted, which indicates to me that you are not interested in arguing in good faith but just looking to create some aggression online. And as stated earlier, I don’t even know why you’re arguing because my original post was stating how great it is to have a politician, regardless of gender/ancestry etc, making such a feminist choice.

My post was:

Not personally attacking anyone.

Stating it’s weird how we get excited about a man pointing out something that women and people from minority groups point out every single day.

Meant to point out how rarely a politician acknowledges societal constructs that lead to inequality.

That it’s important for politicians to do this more frequently because it is so rare.

If you choose to respond again, and make further assumptions about what I did or didn’t mean, I’m just going to ignore you.

Have a spiffy day and please give up trolling. The world is aggressive enough as it is and it benefits no one to argue just for the sake of argument.