Open letter to a guy who wrote an open letter to the mayor of San Francisco about homelessness
Jim Gavin

I have mixed feelings.

Yes, what Justin wrote was an entitled piece of absolute bollocks that needs to be called out as just that.

But then, this response, while humourous, pointed and yes, calling out absolute BS, is also rather aggressive. I get that it’s an open-letter response to an open-letter, neither likely to be read by the intended recipients, but it doesn’t really open up an conversation. It’s the sort of thing that will likely lead ‘Justin’ and those with a similar mentality, to grind in their heals and continue justifying their entitlement.

My first instinct was to click the green heart and share this post but upon reflection it feels like attacking an individual, without looking at the larger social problem. As delightful as it feels to ‘shame’ Justin, he is not the problem. The mentality he carries is the issue and if we’re going to change such ways of thinking, attacking someone isn’t the way to do it.

From personal experience I’ve never changed my mind when I’ve been attacked, shamed or disgraced. Any flexibility and willingness to change my opinion comes from informed, respectful conversation that invites an exchange of ideas and is based on the understanding that no one does anything because they want to feel worse.

Justin is a human being, one who clearly has no clue as to the level of entitlement he lives with. Getting angry at him for his lack of awareness is not dissimilar to him being upset by homeless people’s lack of support. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.