Interesting tool/technology I encountered in preparation for Bootcamp.

Kagabo Faustin
Apr 17 · 2 min read

I have encountered a lot of technology, in preparation for Bootcamp like JWT (JSON Web Token), mocha, chai-HTTP, and so many things that help someone make an API or endpoint in node js, express.

Mocha and Chai

During that period of Bootcamp preparation, I accounted Testing framework mocha-chai that for me was the most interesting, before that I couldn’t imagine how someone can write code for testing what he/she is developing but now, I know the benefits of using it while programming or solving a given task.

The Importance of the writing test is to help check if the codes are really doing what it should be doing in every context or giving the response it should be giving. It also helps when people are developing in teams to avoid damaging their work.

Thus, it means it’s tested before it’s merged with the other code so as not create conflict or give unexpected output.

TDD workflow/cycle.

When utilizing TDD (Test Driven Development is a style of development in which test come before developing a given task) it is very useful following The TDD workflow.

During the preparation of the Bootcamp, I was doing my project while studying at the same time with the purpose of exceeding the expectation, but the problem was that every required technology/tool was very new for me. So I had to work hard while implementing the challenge and study at the same time and every test and coverage of it had to be 100%.

Mocha is a testing framework That running on Node.js and in browsers. And with the use of mocha and chai, it is easier to test a small part of an application(Unit testing) and helps also in integrational testing of the interaction between two units.

By concluding using TDD is a modern and good practice to follow in order to do what is needed And that applies to a given requirement.

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