Goals for September 2017

Mural by Stephen Powers (http://firstandfifteenth.net/)

Goals are important. They help you change your routine and get focused on what really matters. Sometimes I set them for the day or the week but never for the month. I’m going to change that. For September I’m going to…

  1. Enjoy 2 nights out with my wife
  2. Go on 2 events/trips with kids to do something fun
  3. Write A blog post a week on robertfauver.com
  4. Start a podcast
  5. Book a public speaking event for yourself
  6. Read Visual Explanations by Edward Tufte
  7. Run 10 miles a week
  8. Meet with a Personal trainer once a week
  9. Don’t eat any red meat or pork
  10. No fast food, at all. Including Wawa
  11. Start developing a book tracker app

Starting September 1st, I’ll have this page as my Chrome Home page. I’ll document my progress in Medium and I’ll assess how far I’ve gotten with my Goals on October 1st. Wish me luck! 😜

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