Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

You could always design your own, or perhaps apply to Apple to be their chief design guru. Ive is just an average kind of guy. I’m sure you could do much better. Maybe you’d want Cook’s job, too. For a guy with your creds, handling two jobs shouldn’t be that hard. I am so over their lack of innovation and have finally found out how we can address it. Pack your bags for Cupertino!

Microsoft also has a stellar record of hardware introductions, including such wonders as the Zune, Kin and Windows phone. People love Windows 10, and often wake up to find that it has replaced the OS on their machine when they went to bed earlier. (I just had a very pleased customer employ me for three days to show me how well this unannounced feature works. It’s great. No, really. I think it must have installed some sort of touch screen for him, because the keyboard and mouse and all his USB ports were no longer needed and MS just went ahead and proactively deactivated them. They are so amazing. They even took away that annoying feature of being able to opt in to updates. It’s entirely unnecessary now, and could safely be left out of the OS. The more expensive Windows Pro version still has it. I’d recommend saving that +$100 premium version just so you can avoid having to make that decision every day or so when MS updates its malware exerciser OS.)

Yes, MS is clearly poised to run away with the market for flat computers you can stand on and jump on. For only $4000 or so, a pittance for America’s artistic class, it can be used for teaching Dance Dance Revolution, Adult Twister and other innovative and so not-Apple things.

Great article. How you find the time for all this is just a wonder.