Who deserves the gold?

Why the United States needs to make the right choice this election

The evolution of political theory has been essential to our growth as a nation. Peaking in the 1990’s, we felt as if we were going in the right direction. Where are we now? It’s more than a economic crisis we are facing, its an uprising of the masses for change. As the race for the White House is now in the full swing, the fight between the defining of right and wrong is as well.

In recent months, hashtags like #blacklivesmatter and various hashtags that create a sense of solidarity amongst the oppressed have created both praise and controversy. People have began asking questions such as “Why can’t all lives matter?,” although they do not take a logical approach towards recent events and who has been targeted. It has created a racial divide, and it’s another reason why the masses have roamed farther and farther from the coexistence they have always craved.

Donald Trump, the presumed nominee for the Republican party, has set off protest and violence with remarks against Hispanic and Latino people, blaming them for “bringing in crime,” and calling them “rapists,” but makes a half-assed attempt at softening the blow of his remarks by ending his attack with “And some, I assume, are good people.”

A more pragmatic canidate, such as Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, has backed up policies and progressive views since his early speeches as a college student at the University of Chicago in the mid 1960’s, at the heat of the civil rights movement. His political positions include Mayor of Burlington, VT and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

A self-proclaimed democratic socialist, Sanders has proved time and time again that the people have shown the change they desire, and only the hands of those at the top can make the changes to satisfy the masses for the greater good. He currently fights for the Presidency alongside fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, who has also received a lot of praise in her second presidental campaign.

Photo: United States Congress (Public Domain)

Now with his own strong campaign for president (funded by 99.99% campaign donations), Sanders has a lot on his plate. Knowing the great things he has done in the past, we know he can surely be the next truly great president.

You can donate to Sanders’ campaign on his website at http://www.berniesanders.com.