Of course friendship Mavi

i wonder what VANITY

i wonder FAIRIncluding the sweeter a sweeter relationship to other human link
last story and I liked it and it’s useful quoted Hasit
These are true story to become one in Riyadh
And these are the beginning of the story
In 1408 he moved one named Bender moved to Riyadh with his family to study appeared two weeks
This was human consumption in the fourth primary income is important to be separated and professor whom only a simple long relationship
It is important then, I was talking on his tongue …….:
Came to comfort the time came, but all that is left is two-dimensional and one entered his hair Asamarana Hosah
The four front teeth who breaker and who Tayeh Although Halblaoa all but vacated in Shi Mo Baineh
Sat Ihos in his bag and took an hour and every minute brief Jarabit and raises an eye on and finally got out of which device and before does not have access turned it on and it was kind who Bantg which reads the home of the head Shwe and frowned his face all the time, Bs were innocent Aktrmen it be terrifying and said bite childish caused is clear: his teeth Elly difficult situation:
You woosh are you were sitting for these it is the first sentence I hear from the man who has become the most expensive as well as after the humans on my heart was known That I am an introvert
And secluded and these are my nature so I Atwater if somewhat spoke to me, I know I replied him and I told him Bs as well as I am what my father briefed and then, I am what I know one here and the same looks Elly God and I know it was a habit he has come with me and I know the Elly school is it brings me out of my hand the letter and I drag it fear and say No No I am well pleased I told you what my father briefed but the boy insisted Lin Talni him Balgsb Ze what he introduced me to almost school text but Htbaun honesty I’m concerned it can Ashan completely reverse social and mild blood and everyone loves his character and trying to draw closer it is true that he was a demon and tumultuous but it infringes on one
It is important
We entered the medium and minor Sawa Sawa Sawa and studied university
In the travel and flights, what I remember Talaat without him, but if he travels with his family and most of the people and take us Aarafona role models in our friendship
Ptsalon u secret Halsaddagah ??? The secret is Shi apply it without what I feel unable to apply it Wuxi most people understand it we were all receptive some defects and what we are trying to change some important
We were sitting in the recesses and Jani Khaled and took me to the JMB Pace said he Bejtab
Hallhza Hasit that one Atani palm on my face
I told him I am surprised
Ayeyieyeeyeeyeaeyeeyeyish ??
Tani in the same way the day is a small and said,
The RAC says Mint Couched as well as I said No, but you surprised me and shocked me explicitly what your age obligatory marriage to Tara on Monday Jani Khaled House abated be Sayer Shi good Khaled hoping what evil must answer a tense and God, I felt tense and Shuraiki TGI Shui Mai
I said to Wayne Hunt Sober Lage with you
It is important claimed human consumption, and I Khayef him tense and my sister was trying to guide me is important when I got home and waited shui is important that he came in Halbnt attached to their pain Wenta me

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