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Sad story about friendship i wonder what

i wonder what Kimbal Musk

These are liked so these are sad story shows the value of friends and love for each other
And honestly said a friend in need
Maptoul you and these story
Peace, mercy and blessings of God …
In one of the lectures and religious arrived in a small paper wrote unclear handwriting,
I managed to read them with great difficulty written by Sheikh: Do you have a story about the owners or brothers .. Othabk God?
The wording of the question is clear,
The line is not good … set aside,
After that I decided not to read on the Sheikh …
He went Sheikh speaks in his lecture, and time is running out.
The muezzin prayers for dinner …
The lecture stopped, and after he returned ears Sheikh explains to the audience,
Way corpse shrouding practically … and then we have to perform evening prayers ..
During that leaves questions given to Sheikh and gave him the paper, which decided to rule it out,
I thought that the lecture was over ..
After prayers attendance of Sheikh asked to answer the questions …
He returned returned speaks people listen …
I went first question

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