Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s How to Actually Change Your Life.
Benjamin P. Hardy

Thank you Benjamin for the profound reflexions. I just want to add that one of the funding principles of the materialistic approach is that “men don’t live as they think, but rather think the way they live”, as the today still useful but almost forbiden Karl Marx pointed out being so young, in his 11 Thesis on Feuerbach, and you enbraced clearly in your affirmations about the selection of the enviroment importance and its influence in how we live and who we become. I agree.

But confronting this basic principle to the “free will” I’m not sure will help us. It seems that both are differnt and necesary domains, being the combination, through the action process, what determine, in last instance, our human becoming and art work. In other words, the enviroment is like the lot, while the fee will is like the architect work and engeneering building we design for us in that specific lot and in accordance, yes, with our believes, needs, desires and esthetics. Without the free will of the architect there won’t be authentic becoming and the human creation of men acting in the enviroment would be wild natural and passive, without the transforming art of living that has been and is stil essential. And, as we can agree, life is fundamentally an esthetic act -after its great occurrence!- that we celebrate gaining awareness and bringing meaning to it while becoming

So, it seems that the relationship between free will and enviroment is a wonderful paradox, more that an antagonism. In the creative and inherent tension betwee the two aspects underlies the wonder and joy of being alive.