Favorite Apps of 2015

Blinkist — (paid version) Let’s you basically read or listen to the Cliffnotes for notable non-fiction books. Love the inventory of books they have on hand across all fields. (also cool this startup is coming out of Germany!)

Periscope — Was blown away by this new broadcasting medium this year. When the Paris terrorist attacks were occurring, people on the ground were streaming video in real-time. Wonder if CNN will move to utilize handheld mobile phone streaming video in covering news stories in the future.

Duolingo — The first truly useful learn-a-language app I’ve come across. Fun, visual and auditory. Trick is to stick with it…

Wallapop — Discovered this while in Spain. (company born in Barcelona) Really easy visual-based local classified directory. Upload pics and data, sell and search. There’s a lot of players in this space in the US. Hope Wallapop takes the lead spot. Really like that the founder’s has a policy of not disclosing how much money they’ve raised.

Caviar — Best food delivery service. Consistent in service and designed much more elegantly than DoorDash.

Medium — For quick mobile access. Maybe I’ll start publishing with it in 2016.

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