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(The Self-Exploring)

That’s me and an artpiece I composed almost a year ago on a forum for leadership skills acquisition for females. Whenever I come across it in my photo gallery, something nags me. Not necessarily about the work in itself, but the work as a reminder of something I know I have to realize.

This artwork is a counter-reflection of what I want to get into more often, or more conveniently, make time for, than I’m already doing.

The artwork was, as i mentioned for advocacy for a female empowerment on a platform that included a lot of other artists , masters as well as amateurs, and the in-between folks like myself. We painted what we wanted to (of course relating to female empowerment), getting helpful assistance from skilled artists, and assisting those who needed help with producing their art…

Here comes the glitch. I would never truthfully say I had my heart in the message behind this art piece a 100% (although it gets to me more than the other works I create for art class, hence the reason I’m using it for this article). I was more fascinated by the medium (mixed media:glue and sand for the hair) and style used (expressionism), as I had not practiced the style prior to that day.

Here comes my point. I’m a 17 year old art student who’s been creating art for as long as I can recall. In my younger years, ‘twas a mere hobby. Then I began to take it seriously when I was like 13, self-teaching through the internet especially, gathering and practicing various types and styles I discovered. All the while in secondary school. Even then, I was beginning to hunger for my own art lane or style or whatever. Just art that really interested me.

The actual point. Each day goes by with ideas and inspirations flying into my head. Some sticking, some fading with time. The more this happens, the more I resonate with the sentiments of amazing artists I know who’ve dropped conventional/institutionalized ways to start doing art that appeals to them the most. Ideas expressed in styles of their own choice; heartfelt art.

Having that mindset, it takes extra patience and discipline to acquire actual art skills which results in producing whatever you’re required to, rather than personally conceived ideas. All the while living everyday with a mind that keeps flirting with these ideas you end up with very little time to materialize into actual artworks.

Not to say that I don’t enjoy the works I create for class. I do. A lot. And I’d be sharing them as they come with what I love about them while we’re at it.

Yeah, the whole “learn and master the rules, then break or twist them like a pro” notion makes practical sense. But most times I work on something I’m assigned to do, that feeling of incompleteness creeps in and I feel that I’m sort of cheating on the real essence of art.

The consolation, however, is in knowing that to accomplish what you want in satisfying and desirable ways, skills need brushing up and polishing. Just because. Some don’t even get to polish as they get to a point they know they understand enough to carry on their heartfelt art.

A big lot of planning and self organization is highly recommended if you yearn for the break I’m hammering on in this article. It would definitely be stressful, but the end benefits are worth all the organization.

My action. I’m still on the path of arranging the arrangeables in my life having long-term results in mind. You’d surely have to start from somewhere, so I made the personal (not so approved by society) decision to be homeschooled in fine art, for about a year (a large cut-down in comparison to the average university appropriated 4 years), majoring in painting.

From that major step, organization has flung itself on me as a necessity. The struggle to be consistent with my art skills acquisition coupled with trying to make time out for personal projects is real. I’m still working on that big time.

The scepticism of well-meaning people around me about the path I chose is a substantial source of inspiration for me on a daily basis. I keep getting the “supposed tos”. They seem unending. So I’m channeling those reflective fears from these people to a healthy source of motivation. They never know how much good they do now, do they? Lol

In the long term, I stand to achieve my personal definition of success. Having valuable time for qualitative activities besides my career.

To wrap up the main point. Understanding the essence of doing heart-felt art that impacts, will help you stand less chances of deviating from art’s purpose and getting drowned in art you feel people “want” to see, rather than what you actually desire them to see. ❤

I’d love to get your responses. Do it below. ❤

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