Andela is EPIC

Epic is not a word you hear used everyday. In literature, an epic is usually a long piece of literature that is filled with extraordinary events that keep you glued to it. It equally connotes massiveness in size, grandeur of any entity, extraordinary in strides and character. Now, you get why it is no fuss that i used Andela and Epic in the same vein.

Andela is a software company with a mission to advance human potential by powering today’s teams and investing in tomorrow’s leaders.

Every proper organization is usually built on a set of values that are upheld by everyone and everything associated with that organization; from top-level management to the least-ranked staff. This is integral to the sustainability of the organization. To Andela, EPIC — an acronym for Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration, are the set of values everything and everyone attributed to Andela is guided by. I have been interacting with Andela for a few months now and I wish to share a bit on what it means and how Andela has demonstrated the EPIC values.

Excellence is what ensures you are constantly aiming to be the best at what you do, making your work excellent because you know they are a reflection of who you are and the values you exhibit as an individual. At Andela, excellence spices every line of code written because it is a product of excellent preparations, thoughts and execution. For any product Andela is associated with, you can be sure due-diligence is sewn into its seams. At Andela, you learn that it is important to push out something at the right time, but it is more imperative to ensure you have done the best you can.

Passion is what keeps driving people to keep going when there is totally no reason to keep pushing and pursuing their goals especially when things are challenging. This attribute is visible in Andela. Remember those teachers who came to class whenever they felt like, when they did, they just dictated notes out, gave assignments and walked out not caring if you got anything from their output or not, imagine someone like that writing codes for the softwares you would interact with on a daily basis, that would be super-sad. Hence, why it is important Andela emphasizes this as one of her core values. Trust me, software development is not for the lazy, passion alone is what will pull you through.

Integrity is not a natural character, it is a conscious decision that influences your decision-making every second, ensuring you are consistent, unbiased, truthful. Consistency in action, principles, expectations and even outcomes. Integrity is the quality that makes you honest about your skill-set, the challenges you are experiencing. Developers are involved in building tools that could make or destroy other people and integrity is quite important to ensure they are making good and honest decisions.

My first day at the 2018 Andela Cycle 40 bootcamp, we were told about some guy who tried eight (8) times before he eventually got into Andela. We all saluted the guy’s passion as one of Andela’s core values but no one taught about the integrity it takes to say No to someone seven (7) times. Showing that Andela preaches what she does.

Collaboration is the pedestal on which the future of work is built on. Remember those classmates of yours who would figure out an arithmetic problem but never share the idea with anyone else so they can be seen as the best in class, quite annoying right? At bootcamp, you will quickly learn the importance of working with people to produce stuffs because everyone around has something to contribute. At Andela, you are encouraged to reach out, ask questions and request for help at any point where you need it, but importantly, reach out to help people who need help. Andela believes talent is scattered everywhere, opportunity is what people lack and the playing field can only be leveled by collaboration. As much as it is important to be good at what you do, Andela ensures you are good at working with people so ideas can be proliferated.